Non-Profit Fundraising

LEVY at Arena is always looking for non-profit organizations who are interested in participating in a fundraising program that is fun and exciting!

Each season, LEVY staffs many of its concession stands with non-profit organizations as a means of raising funds for their activities. It serves as an alternative to traditional fundraising, while developing teamwork and camaraderie in an exciting atmosphere.

Your nonprofit can earn hundreds of dollars per event! While there are no guarantees on the minimum or maximum amount your group will earn for each event, the factors that determine the amount of commission earned include:

  • The number of events worked
  • Fan attendance
  • Weather conditions
  • Stand location
  • The visiting team
  • How well your group serves the customers

Non-profit organizations are paid a percentage of their concession stand's total sales for the event. Your group can earn up to a 15% commission!

At each event, nonprofits will be assigned a concession stand at Arena.  Stand size, concept and location will be determined by the nonprofit's capabilities, availability, size, etc.

To qualify, non-profit organizations must certify that they are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization. The nonprofit must verify with LEVY their tax-exempt status as accepted by the IRS.

Updated contact information coming soon.
We look forward to working with you and your group!

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